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Personal Investigation

We offers pre – matrimonial investigation services for arranged marriage cases, love marriage cases and divorce marriage cases. We have successfully handled cases involving background check for marriage for clients and retrieved complete information about the would-be groom, would-be bride or the family.

There are numerous cases where the spouse has physical and mental relationships with other, but due to many reason they get married elsewhere and sometimes continues even after marriage. This when detected by the spouse and during the subsequent life span one feels cheated and thus spends a miserable life thereafter.

Our matrimonial verification is also for helping clients with child custody cases. In such investigation, our detectives gain information on the capability of the spouse to have child custody. We also check whether legal cases are running on the spouse or their family. As a top marriage detective agency, we also do investigation on gainful employment evidence on client to settle alimony cases.

Many marital alliances develop problems due to suspected activities or adultery by the spouse and it becomes impossible to live together and the separation and the court cases for divorce and related problems may occur.

In cases such as this, we can assist you in locating an individual and providing a means to contact this person. Make sure you gather as much information on this individual to be located before contacting us: this will give us the best chance of successfully locating the person.

Anyone being considered for a position of extreme trust should have their past checked out by one of our expert private investigators.  Would you rather know now or when it is too late?
Often times we are called upon to background the past of a potential new romantic partner.  Are you sure they are who they say?  In this day and age of computers and the internet, people can say and be almost anything or anyone they want.
We also perform in  depth background investigations for people or businesses considering a business relationship with an unknown entity.

The whole of Indian Penal Code and criminal procedure code and the law of evidence are based of substantive proof. Legal battle is fought in the Court of law but we can collect such information and relevant evidence which can help you collecting evidence and witness required for criminal, civil or administrative.

Need advice? Get information from the professionals. We specialize in providing professional consultation on investigation matters to meet your needs.Provides a professional consultancy / Services to the national and international business community & individuals specifically designed to meet their demands. We aim to service a wide range of sectors around the world helping prevent, or respond to, everything from financial irregularity to employee and contract disputes, insurance fraud, business promotions and personal or family matters with special Services to NRI. We recognize that our clients’ problems in this arena are unique and therefore have not attempted to cover every eventuality but simply key information on the following areas.

Corporate Investigation

Our service will help in cases where clients want to locate hidden assets for legal cases, or for fraud investigations or for matter of probate. We have the largest team of investigators in the industry and have a successful track record in how financial background and asset check is conducted.

Verification of movable and immovable assets is very essential in cases related to embezzlement, claims of banking and non-banking finance companies since their entire financing operation is based on correct verification of assets, which are subject matter to mortgage. We trace out the concealed assets of defaulting borrowers, judgment debtors and dishonest employees to effectuate recoveries or execute decrees.

Do you need to locate a long lost loved one, a college roommate, childhood friend, contractor who did not finish the work, etc.? We can help you in locating a person’s whereabouts. We specialize and finding the people that don’t want to be found. The term “skip” (as a noun) refers to the person being searched for, and is derived from the idiomatic expression “to skip town”, meaning to depart (perhaps in a rush), leaving minimal clues behind to “trace” the “skip” to a new location.

All labour-related services are provided by us. We have one of the most popular labor investigation teams all over the country. Our special techniques and methods make the investigation easy and quick. We don’t halt our cases, specifically labor investigation as they are very critical for our customers who have faith in our team.

Post-employment screening services investigate current employee’s backgrounds. These regular reviews help maintain the same standards you require for new employees. Even when you hire good people, things can still happen during their employment tenure. If you don’t know about it, those issues are more likely to harm your company in the future. Conducting regular background checks keeps your employees safe and accountable throughout the time they work for you. This means you can rest assured that your business is represented by the same great people you initially hired.

One of the most unsavory aspects of globalization and a growing economy is the aspect of white collar crime in every industry, and in every aspect of the business world, there is a potential for a financial fraud every where.

We can provide numerous undercover operations. For example, we can provide undercover operatives to work in office, retail, warehouse settings, etc. to get inside intelligence on what may be occurring to help identify, fix and prosecute profit losses. These undercover investigators often infiltrate an individual or a suspected insurgent group, posing as a person interested in purchasing illegal goods or services with the final goal of obtaining information about their assigned target.